22540178_721799514680337_834618051027683175_nABOUT ME

Writing has always been my biggest passion. Deciding to try writing an episode of EastEnders one day when I was thirteen made me realise that I wanted to become an scriptwriter for television. I’ve never looked back since that day, working hard to improve my craft and constantly coming up with new ideas, both for established dramas and also my own original work. At the moment, I have a slate of eight drama series which I hope will one day be on screen.

At sixteen, I started working on Daisy Chain, a five part drama series focusing on the lives, loves and lies of estranged friends Karen, Jason, Jessica, Veronica and Bradley. Sending the first episode off to any competition I could find and any production company I could think of, I found it was turned down every time but when I began a Diploma course in Creative Writing, Daisy Chain became a novel and was given a new lease of life.

As well as launching my career as a writer, I work for BBC Worldwide as a Production Coordinator; a role I love and that gives me plenty of opportunities to learn about the industry.